Veteran Benefits Program

The Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training is pleased to announce the streamlining of the Veterans Benefits Program (VA Benefits) for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Benefits are available to qualifying Veterans that attend the Basic Correctional Officer Academy. Upon graduation, you may also qualify to receive benefits throughout the course of your two year apprenticeship. Please visit your local In-Service Training Office (IST) within your institution for more details.

At this time, not all institutions/facilities are approved to provide VA Benefits. Please contact your local IST at your particular institution to verify. If your institution is not permitted to provide benefits, you may have the opportunity to apply for benefits as far back as one calendar year once approval status has been given.

Veterans Benefits while attending Correctional Training Center (CTC) Academy

The CTC is an approved institution to provide Veterans Educational Benefits as a non-college degree for completing the 13-week Basic Correctional Officer Academy. During orientation qualifying cadets will be provided information regarding the application process. Below is a list of documents and information you will provide to the Veterans Liaison:

*Please note, only provide copies of these required documents when reporting to the academy

  • DD-214 Report of Separation from U.S. Military (you must be honorably discharged)
  • Name
  • Control Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Certificate of Eligibility*

*To apply online for a Certificate of Eligibility visit: here or to have an application mailed please call: 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (888-442-4551)

If you are a current cadet and need more information, please contact the CTC academy’s VA Coordinator at (209) 744-5000 (8am – 7pm EST). For all other questions please email or visit your local IST Office.