Commissioners, Executive Director, and Staff Directory

The Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training (CPOST) was established by the Legislature in July 2015, to develop, approve, and monitor standards for the training of State Correctional Peace Officers. The Commission is comprised of six members, three members appointed by and representing the management of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; three members appointed by the Governor upon recommendation by, and representing the members of, the California Correctional Peace Officers’ Association. Each Commissioner serves a four year term. CPOST staff operates under the direction of the Commission. CPOST is dedicated to the vision, mission, values, and training goals of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. CPOST is working diligently to ensure a well-trained, quality workforce.


Brian Pinneo, ChairCorrectional Lieutenant
Heather Bowlds, Vice-ChairDJJ Deputy Director
Robert CalderonOPOS Correctional Administrator
Josh EusticeParole Agent I
Harold GeeCorrectional Officer
Connie GipsonDAI Deputy Director
Alternate MembersTitle
Jason LoweR.A. McGee CTC Academy Administrator
Teresa PerezDJJ Associate Director
Timothy SheldonCorrectional Lieutenant
Executive StaffTitle
Annemarie Del MugnaioExecutive Director
Paul Bestolarides, Ed.D.Correctional Captain(RA)
Marty JonesCorrectional Captain(RA)
Erick EspanaCorrectional Sergeant
Anna BozworthCorrectional Officer
Janette GalvinAssociate Governmental Program Analyst
Jason MorlockStaff Services Analyst
Mike HornCorrectional Officer
Robin DeFehrAssociate Governmental Program Analyst



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