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General Conduct for the Public Attending Commission Meetings
• Members of the public attending CPOST commission meetings shall observe the rules of conduct.
• Stamping of feet, whistles, yells and shouting, physically threatening conduct, and/or similar demonstrations are unacceptable public behavior and will be prohibited.
• Lobbyist must identify themselves and the client(s), business or organization they represent before speaking to the Commission.
• Members of the public wishing to provide documents to the Commission shall provide copies to all Commissioners.

Members of the Public Addressing the CPOST Commission
Purpose of Public Comment
The Commission provides opportunities for the public to address the Commission as a whole in order to listen to the public’s opinions regarding un-agendized matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission during Regular meetings and regarding items on the Agenda at all other meetings.
• Public Comments should not be addressed to individual Commissioners, but rather to the Commission as a whole regarding Commission business.
• While the public may speak their opinions on Commission business, personal attacks on Members, use of swear words, and signs or displays of disrespect for individuals are discouraged as they impede good communication with the Commission.
• Consistent with the Brown Act, the public comment periods on the agenda are not intended to be “Question and Answer” periods or conversations with the Commissioners.

Speaker Time Limits
In the interest of facilitating the Commissions conduct of business the following time limits apply to members of the public (speakers) who wish to address the Commission during the meeting.
• Matters not on the agenda – Two (2) minutes per speaker.
• Discussion Calendar Items – Two (2) minutes per speaker.

Time Limits per Meeting
In addition to the above time limits per item, the total amount of time any one individual may address the Commission at any meeting is eight (8) minutes.
• Each speaker shall limit his/her remarks to the specified time allotment.
• The presiding officer shall consistently utilize the timing system which provides speaker with notice of their remaining time to complete their comments.
• In the further interest of time, speakers may be asked to limit their comments to new materials and not repeat what a prior speaker has said. Organized groups may choose a single spokesperson who may speak for the group with not increase in time.
• Speakers shall not concede any part of their allotted time to another speaker.
• The presiding officer may further limit the time allotted for public comments per speaker or in total for the orderly conduct of the meeting and such time limits shall be fairly applied.

Tips for Speaking Before CPOST Commission
• Come up to the podium in a timely manner when your name is announced and stand behind the speaker in front of you.
• Position yourself between the two microphones.
• Clearly state your name for the record (you are not required to state your address).


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