Lead the nation in establishing relevant and responsive correctional peace officer training standards.

Newly sworn CDCR Officers seated at their graduation ceremony.


The Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training (CPOST) elevates Department training by establishing statewide correctional training standards and facilitates the statewide Apprenticeship program; using a collaborative process to develop, establish, and monitor appropriate, relevant, and innovative training standards.

Newly sworn CDCR Officers standing in formation at a graduation ceremony.
CDCR Sergeants standing at attention at a graduation ceremony.


The CPOST values guide our efforts in providing exceptional services to the state of California Correctional Peace Officer classifications.

  • Service: We serve and are responsible to Correctional Peace Officers and other stakeholders. We value their trust, invite their involvement, and challenge their growth.
  • Innovation: We support the use of advanced technology and techniques to transform and elevate correctional peace officer training.
  • Leadership: We are a positive role model that supports professional development, job performance, and staff wellness.
  • Accountability: We accept the responsibility of our mandate, understand the importance of our mission, and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Respect: We appreciate the diversity of our stakeholders and gain insight from their feedback in our standards’ development process.
  • Trust: We honor our commitment and facilitate our charge with transparency, authenticity, and integrity.
  • Collaboration: We work with all stakeholders to encourage an exploration of ideas, ensuring an interactive development process driven by integrity and teamwork.



Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Office of Governor

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Jeff Macomber

Jeff Macomber

CDCR Secretary

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