About Us

The Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training (CPOST), per the Governor’s directive, was re-established by the California Penal Code (PC), Sections 13600 through 13603.

In order for the CDCR to achieve its mission, sound applicant selection and training are essential. The greater degree of professionalism, which will result from sound screening criteria and a significant training curriculum, will greatly aid the CDCR in the custody and care of the state’s offender population. As a pro-active measure in 2015, the Legislature re-instituted the CPOST in order to achieve these goals. The re-instituted CPOST is tasked with developing, approving, and monitoring the standards for the selection and training of state correctional peace officers.

In addition, per the Penal Code, the CPOST shall develop, approve, and monitor standards for advanced rank-and-file and supervisory state correctional peace officer training programs for the CDCR.