Apprenticeship Coordinator’s Office

In order to facilitate efficient operation of the Apprenticeship Program statewide, the CPOST developed the Apprenticeship Coordinator’s Office (ACO) to oversee the daily operations and to act as a liaison between the field (LAS and apprentice) and the CPOST Executive Board. The responsibilities of the ACO include: 

  • Oversee all the LASs for compliance.
  • Act as a standing advisory member to the CPOST Executive Board and provide AP compliance reports at the quarterly Executive Board meetings.
  • Establish and maintain AP files and records that will include minutes of meetings, rulings and interpretations, decisions on appeals, and copies of signed Apprenticeship Agreements and other similar documents and records. Records will be maintained for a period five (5) years in the ACO’s office and then be transferred to digital record for indefinite retention.
  • Register all Apprenticeship Agreements, completions, terminations, and amendments with DIR and update the apprenticeship database.
  • Forward copies of signed Apprenticeship Agreements for each apprentice to their assigned institution’s IST office or designated work location’s training office.
  • Forward completion certificates to the institution’s IST when received from DAS.
  • Responsible for reviewing Apprenticeship Agreements to ensure the correct credit amount was given, pursuant to the Internal Credit Policy (ICP), to newly indentured apprentices who have previously completed another AP and requested for credit.
  • Coordinate the AP complaint, grievance, controversy, and appeals process by receiving and reviewing apprenticeship complaints and forwarding any unresolved complaints to either the CPOST Executive Board or appropriate authority.
  • Facilitate the instruction of the AP policies and procedures during the required academy training at the CTC.
  • Answer questions and advise interested parties regarding the AP policies and procedures.
  • Train the LASs and conduct compliance audits to ensure adherence to AP policies and procedures.
  • Conduct an annual self-assessment for approval by the CPOST Executive Board and submit to the DAS.
  • Conduct annual audits at the institution level to ensure compliance with AP standards. Annual audits will be conducted using the audit tool created by the ACO and approved by the CPOST Executive Board.
  • Review AP OP annually and update as needed with the approval of the CPOST Executive Board.
  • Submit the current copy of the AP standards for the DAS review and approval.
  • Review and track information from the CPOST Local Apprenticeship Subcommittee Meeting Minutes Report filed by each LAS for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with procedures.
    – Track rotations, evaluations, transfers, completion/non-completion, and credits awarded
    – Report of rotations, evaluations, transfers, completion/no-completion, and credits awarded will be distributed at bi-monthly CPOST
    Executive Board Meetings

Oversee the compliance of the CPOST standards for the Statewide Veteran’s Benefits Program for apprentices.


Robin DeFehr, Staff Services Manager I
(279) 223-1511

Judy Bourgeois, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
(279) 223-1508

Lisa Carter, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
(279) 223-1509