Standard Definition:

A level of skill or knowledge which is attainable, measureable, tied to the essential functions of a classification that meets the minimum requirement under policy and the rule of law. 

Scenario Standard Definition:

Academies will provide reality based, job related task-simulations designed to afford cadets/students with the opportunity to practice, perform and improve competency.

General Standards:

Correctional Counselor Standards:

Apprenticeship Program

The mission of the Apprenticeship Program is to administer the Operation Procedures and standards for the entry-level Correctional Peace Officer apprentices, integrate high quality related and supplemental instruction, and to provide professional competence through structured on-the-job training in a variety of work assignments.

In order to facilitate efficient operation of the Apprenticeship Program statewide, the CPOST developed the Apprenticeship Coordinator’s Office (ACO) to oversee the daily operations and to act as a liaison between the field (LAS and apprentice) and the CPOST Executive Board. 



Events and Activities