March 2016 Award

Lieutenant Michelle Petrey

On March 25th, Lt. Michelle Petrey was presented the CPOST Recognition Award for her commitment to excellence in training and development efforts. Lt. Petrey worked in the Curriculum Liaison Unit at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center and provided amazing support to the Basic Correctional Officer and Advanced Learning academies. Lt. Petrey provided assistance and support with curriculum development and review, collaboration with subject matter experts and kept track of curriculum throughout the review process, all while keeping Company Commanders and training Sergeants and Lieutenants up-to-date with the most current lesson plans and materials. Lt. Petrey demonstrated strong organizational and communication skills, a thorough knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and dedication to providing training that produces the best officers possible.

Thank you, Lt. Petrey, for all of your hard work! It did not go unnoticed.