August 2016 Award

Lieutenant Ben Sherrin

On August 29, 2016, Ben Sherrin, Correctional Lieutenant, Mule Creek State Prison, was awarded the CPOST recognition award for his commitment to excellence in training and development. Correctional Lt. Sherrin has made many major contributions to the Correctional Training Academy and his work in the Curriculum Liaison Unit at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center provided amazing support to the basic correctional officer and advanced learning academies. His input on the creation of the Communication De-Escalation curriculum was innovative. His collaboration with the CPOST staff was critical in assisting and supporting curriculum review. Correctional Lt. Sherrin is a role model for instructors throughout the department, and his ability to bring his curriculum to “life” is invaluable. He demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, and he brings an expert level of performance to his training, which produces the best officers possible.

Thank you, Correctional Lt. Sherrin, for your exemplary work and dedication to the Academy Training Program.